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Get Solid AutoCAD Training Results from the Proven Pros

We have been using AutoCAD and other CAD software for training, designing and project management in creative and highly productive ways that most people love to learn from us.  For example, did you know that AutoCAD has all the tools to manage your project as a PDF book with all the design details, table of contents, index, spread sheets and other valuable tools we all use in managing design and build projects from houses to offices to manufactured products.  These PDF books save enormous amounts of time with fast printing, easy cloud sharing and searchable pages like a Google search to find any of the book's (project's) content instantly.

The EKHO Institute has received 14 awards for the quality of their courses, curriculum and facilities that was a direct result of student reviews after attending our results oriented classes.


Your Productivity and Efficiency will Advance Rapidly

Using our tried and true productivity techniques and tips will make you stand out as a true AutoCAD design leader that gets the job done efficiently with minimal mistakes and cost over runs.  Having all your design projects's design and project information is a great convenience, time saver and error reducer for all highly motivated designers and project managers.