Why Train with EKHO?


The EKHO Institute Training Success Formula

When you are considering taking good AutoCAD training, the quality of the training can be more important to your career advancement and work productivity than anything else you might do!!  Your career advancements and pay cheque size always depend on being more much effective and productive than others who might want your job.  Do you want an " Olympic Coach" to give you the best possible boost or just a hap-hazard and casual " Kindergarten Teacher" with limited skills to pass on during your very valuable learning time? EKHO Institute instructors have decades of hands on design experience with AutoCAD for a wide range of real world projects as well as intensive instructor training and experience to ensure you get the maximum boost to your skills.  The tips and techniques we teach and refine constantly can give your productivity a boost by 2 to 1000 times over using the slowest, self-taught methods you will have to endure in many mediocre classes that are thrown together with no solid history of success.

Try out this typical EKHO Produced training video for a simple AutoCAD Level 1 exercise that teaches students how to use AutoCAD's Mirror command, a commonly used editing command that can save designers a lot of time. Note the tips provided to teach students how to save time in future design projects. This approach ensures very consistent learning for every class with no missed information from class to class.  Combined with the personal classroom instructor if you choose to join us in person, this level of quality training ensures great lasting learning results to make you productive in future design work.


Refined Exercises based on real life design work.

Clear Demonstrations that work exceptionally well!

Practise time to absorb each lesson thoroughly.

The EKHO Institute developed a very refined and successful training method over the past 28+ years that has been highly successful for our students to learn AutoCAD very thoroughly in a very short time.  There are four key components in all of our courses:

  • Excercises that are polished continuously to ensure quick understanding by all students.
  • Video Demonstrations that provide professional and consistent instruction for each excercise.
  • Searchable PDF books that are written in house for total correlation with the course taught.
  • Automated quizzes that provide instant unbiased evaluations and feedback for each day's lessons.
  • Personalized coaching and assistance when you are stuck and choose to attend a live classroom session.

Refined & proven EKHO Videos and exercises that teach quickly, efficiently & effectively.