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Beginner's Septic System Guide Book Saves You Big Money!!

  • 2+ Years of monitoring my very successful fix has now proven the total success of this solution to remove the biomat!
  • My detailed path to a very successful solution for a serious backup problem at a fraction of contractor's prices.
  • My well researched, real-life and proven results for my own low cost septic system fix in the summer of 2019.
  • Septic system terms & concepts like aerobic & anaerobic. Why you want aerobic, like all city sewage treatment!!
  • What fixes work really well. (Only a few!) Contractor fixes do work for $30,000+, but you will want my fix in this book.
  • What fixes do NOT work! (Most products!) Read about septic additives we tested and failed!!
  • How to save yourself a LOT of money fixing your failing tile bed (leach field) successfully .

Valuable Check List: Will this proven 2-Phase septic system solution work for you?

     Optional Phase 2 Backup Tile Bed Plan for only $948 worth of Materials and Rentals: (Not required by most people.)

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