Computer Novice's Class

by The EKHO Institute

The EKHO Institute has been successfully teaching computer skills to thousands of beginners on Windows, AutoCAD and other complex CAD software for over 30 years now.  This new basics introductory course is targeted at novices who have possibly missed out on the past 40 years of personal computer developments and now want to learn the basics for simple tasks like banking, Facebook chats with family and friends, emailing, book-keeping, on-line banking, money transfers, searches, reading and many of the thousands of convenient, time-saving tasks that are now common place with most people. EKHO's award-winning courses have helped many people go from zero to a strong proficiency level in the shortest possible time.   Please feel free to try EKHO's simple, automatically scored and FREE self-assessment quiz to see if you would benefit from our course. This short 2 day novices' course will cover basic introductory topics like:
Course Topics:
- Basic computer terms in the world of Windows, iOS, Android (Laptops, Desktops, Smart Phones, Tablets)
- email use - plain text, html, including links, photos, attachments, creating a contacts list (address book)
- Adjusting your computer monitor for your eyes and other ergonomics.
- File management with Windows Explorer.
- Web browsing with popular Edge, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.
- Doing effective searches on the Internet with Google and Bing. (vocabulary, suggestive lists, images, right click menus)
- How to save lots of money on your small and large purchases with effective price searches.
- Creating desktop shortcuts for convenience and time saving.
- Tablets vs. laptops vs. desktops vs. smart phones - What is the difference, similarities, overlaps?
- Facebook use to join your friend's and family fun, photographs, chats.
- Using free video chat software (Apps) like Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger to eliminate phone bills.
- Personal tutoring on your special problems and questions.
- Tips on what computer technology is available, affordable and suitable to your needs.
- Learn to customize your computer for efficiency and protect yourself from modern threats like ransomware, viruses, phishing.
Benefits to You:
- Save yourself lots of money with price searches and price matches at big box chains.
- Have fun with family and friends through Facebook chats, photos, postings, messages.
- Eliminate long distance phone bills with free Facetime chats across the world.
- Save time and money with on-line banking, bill payments and money transfers that are mostly free today.
- Save lots of time and frustration by mastering computer shortcuts and file management.
- Protect your favorite photos, data, work from loss with proper automated backup.
- Take advantage of free cloud storage for backup, efficient sharing, easy updating.
- Save lots of time with clearly written emails to your family and friends instead of making many separate phone calls.
- Find data, images, videos, video lessons quickly on any subject, hobby, medical issues with Google searches.
- Obtain valuable product reviews before you spend your money.
- See how easy most tasks are instead of wondering how everybody elses does it!