EKHO's award winning AutoCAD training has been the result of 30 years experience with thousands of students who have provided us with invaluable feedback and experience to produce our very successful and effective exercise drawings that teach students very quickly.


EKHO's Refined Exercises


EKHO's Training Exercises Benefits

  • Refined from thousands of students' input over many years.
  • Perfected from EKHO's wealth of training & design experience.
  • Clear self-contained instructions in each exercise.
  • Very logically organized by topic.
  • Pre-defined view names in each drawing for instant exercise setups.
  • Practical concepts taught with very simple examples.
  • Productivity and feature tips provided for each exercise.
  • Followed precisely in EKHO's video demos.
  • Represent the core of EKHO's supplied and searchable PDF training manual.
  • Three sample exercises are shown here from the AutoCAD Level 1 course.
    • ARC exercise from the Drawing exercises.
    • ALIGN exercise from the Editing exercises.
    • MIRROR exercise from the Editing exercises.

EKHO's highly valued exercise drawings have played a very major role in our award winning training because they allow very rapid learning experiences that are simple and effective at teaching each and every command clearly.  The hands-on part of EKHO's training is very important to ensure students go home with solid fundamentals understood and remembered. For those who choose the option of "taking their instructor home" with them receive all the exercises, training videos, quiz access, book and 30 days of free help on DVD or online.

The Video training materials provide an invaluable way for a student to review any topic quickly in the future to refresh, improve and perfect their workplace AutoCAD skills.

AutoCAD provides many methods to accomplish the same task.  Some can be very fast and some can take a long time.  Our exercises, tips, videos and all course materials will teach you the fastest methods to get your work done with a professional look.