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  EKHO's Jig Saw Puzzle Furniture Plans for sale

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  • Assembles with no tools or fasteners.
  • Precision CNC cut from ultra strong high quality Baltic Birch plywood.  
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  • Only $200US plus shipping for table.
  • Only $  25US for do-it-yourself plans.
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  • Click on this link to view a video of a children's doll size version also.

Seats 6 adults or 8 children securely! Assembles without tools or fasteners!


Four tools in one. Rolls away when finished. Very efficient!


Do it yourself plans!

Save months of design time!

Eliminate Costly errors!

Only $125US

Do it yourself plans!

Only $25US

Eliminate Costly errors!

  • info@ekho.com if you have questions.  
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  • Save months of design time & costly errors!
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  • Verified with a very well tested prototype.
  • Smart people learn from other's mistakes!
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  • Only $125US!!  - Save time & costly errors!
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The "real-life" products shown here were designed entirely with 3D AutoCAD by avid woodworker and Mechanical Engineer Elton Hammond P.Eng.  It is a testament to the amazing design capabilities of the software that these designs can now be perfected before building the prototypes and production models ensuring perfect results in the shop or manufacturing process.  This saves countless hours of trial and error from the early days of simple 2D design on a drafting board and then multiple expensive prototypes.  A designer's time and energy can now be focused on building a good 3D computer model to eliminate the wasted time and materials in the production shop. 3D computer models provide design checking, fit checking, aesthetics checking and all round quality control for a solid final product when put together in the shop.