EKHO's Star Exercise Demo Video


Sample Project to Show EKHO's Highly Successful 4 Part AutoCAD Training System!
This sample page shows our 4 key components for those who want to experience why EKHO's training method works so well for many years now. EKHO's simplest Star drawing exercise is the first of 20 progressively challenging fun projects in our  series.

  • Exercise Drawing with clear instructions. (PDF page for this demonstation, DWG supplied in paid course package)
  • MP4 Video with clear, hands-on, professional AutoCAD demonstration of how to best perform the drawing exercise.
  • Searchable PDF Book by The EKHO Institute - Designed specifically for the course! (Abbreviated 6 page sample here)
  • Automated Quiz to instantly test the accuracy and correctness of your practise drawing you completed by yourself.

So go ahead and give it a try. Download the Exercise Drawing first, draw an exact replica of the star with AutoCAD as per the instructions.  Answer the questions shown on the drawing instructions page and then activate the Automated quiz link above to get an instant score on how well you created your drawing of the star.  Watch the video linked above to learn some tips. Consider EKHO's AutoCAD Level 1 course if you can't draw this very simple star shape correctly on your own with your previous training and experience.

The modules above are taken as a simple free example from EKHO's AutoCAD Bonus Drawings - Videos, Drawings, PDF Book, Quiz DVD that you can purchase below with our safe on line payment system.  Click on the 4 links in the above 4 modules to try out FREE samples from this well proven, refined training course.

This sample video is part of our Bonus AutoCAD Drawings Exercise module that used to be a small section of our AutoCAD Level 1 video course. It can now be purchased as a separate extensive linked PDF exercise booklet with videos and quizzes, in either hard copy or electronic linked PDF format, for teachers or students wanting to just provide exercise activities with automatic checking for their students and themselves. This is a MAJOR time saver for both teachers and students! This frees teachers up to provide good coaching and mentoring with professional video based training and accurate, effective, automated training and testing materials.

AutoCAD Bonus Drawings - Videos, Drawings, Quiz DVD        $250CDN +HST / $185US

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